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BOB (Bi-Ocular Box) IP66 City Surveillance POD CCTV Camera Cabinet Housing Customize this Bi-Ocular Box (BOB) with Multiple Security Cameras for a Complete City Surveillance POD
BOB is uniquely designed to promote a virtually limitless combination of single, dual, or triple security video capture angles with any and all camera technologies and brands (long range, PTZ, Multi sensor, broadcast and 360°) into a simplified stand-alone enclosure system. B.O.B combines twin camera flexibility with an engineered interior that allows for cost effective offsite integration of any combination of P2P wireless, solar, 4G/5G, Edge recorders, audio, IR, encoders, beacons and much more. Ruggedized construction, double wall foam insulation, IP66 standard, twin chemical resistant nylon lens bubbles, locking access door, din rail mounting and internal cable management. This product can be customized for any and all city surveillance projects. Inside the Bi-Ocular Box (BOB) can safely protect all security cameras, NVR’s routers, and other security electronic accessories. The ingenuitive bottom lens plate can be configured for 1, 2, or even 3 cameras with no change to the IP66 water, dust, and insect proof rating. Every wall on the exterior of this rugged built cabinet can be used to mount external accessories such as antennas, additional cameras, sensors, lights, speakers, you name it. B.O.B. can be sold as a base model housing or upgraded with active cooling from the Dotworkz Cooldome™ technology.